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During my stay in the artist’s residency 'Dar Meso' in 2021, a stone's throw from the Medina of Tunis, I wanted to get back to a style of illustration called 'reportage', back to what I had studied.


I wanted to draw non-stop and attempt to capture Tunis’s sights energy and people. With paper and sketchbook, my pencil case in hand, I set out to sketch. I drew my discoveries day after day. Observational drawing is, for me, a means to discover and evoke a culture. When I spend hours drawing the same street corner or market stall I feel embedded in the culture and people that surround me. My drawings strive to capture the authenticity of a place, the charm of a country, and my exchanges with passers-by. I am so often met with an intrigued glance that opens the door for conversation and sharing.


In this body of work I transport you to Tunisia with a sensitive balance of mediums - watercolors, pencils, pastels, gouaches, among others.

"Sidi Bou Saïd", 2021, 40 x 60 cm
Pastel and watercolours on papier

"Café des nattes de Sidi Bou Saïd", 2021, 42 x 60 cm
watercolour, gouache and pastel on paper

"Bab El Bhar", 2021, 50 x 65 cm
watercolour, pastel and gouache on paper

"La médina, Tunis", 2021, 50 x 35 cm
watercolour and gouache on paper

"les citrons de Hamza", 2021, 60 x 42 cm
watercolour and crayon on paper

"Marché de Bab Souika", 2021, 60 x 84cm (66 x 93 cm encadré)
watercolour and gouache on paper

After decanting and reflecting on this fantastic experience, my visit to Tunis sparked a phase of creative energy. Back in my own studio, I was propelled by photography and drawings made ‘in situ’ to paint and make ceramics. The latter in a more sculptural way, inspired by market stalls, lemons, pomegranates and fresh fish watched by mischievous stray cats. The Tunisian atmosphere full of humor, sun and ‘joie de vivre’.

Sans titre - 1 novembre 2022 15.04.55 (1).jpg
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